Great Place to Visit Minnehaha Falls

Great Place to Visit Minnehaha Falls

Great Place to Visit Minnehaha Falls

Great Place to Visit Minnehaha Falls


Visit Minnehaha Falls is in south Minneapolis. It is one of Minneapolis’ oldest and most popular parks. It features a majestic 53-foot waterfall. Also, limestone bluffs and Mississippi overlooks. It attracts over 850,000 visitors a year.

It is home to several sculptures. A life-size bronze of Jacob Fjelde. The chief little crow mask is located near the falls. You can look through the eyes of Little Crow and see the sky. And the Gunnar Wennerberg statue is located there.

The park is 167.24 acres in size. It is part of the Mississippi Park. The name comes from the words of the Dakota language that mean waterfall. A popular transition is “laughing waters”. Minnehaha Falls and the surrounding land was one of the first state parks in the United States in 1889. Only New York created a state park before us.

The name “Minnehaha Falls” was in common use in 1855. The publication of The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow brought the falls worldwide fame. Starting in 1828 steamboats brought visitors up the Mississippi River to visit Minnehaha Falls.

The walking paths along the Mississippi River in the park are popular for walkers and runners alike.

Lastly, come and visit the Sea Salt Eatery at Minnehaha Falls. It serves extraordinary fresh seafood and wine & beer.


Minnesota has so much to offer. If you need any additional ideas of special places to visit or things to do…just reach out to us for lots of great ideas.


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