Fun Thing to Do Visit Minnesota Children’s Museum

Minnesota Children's Museum

Fun Thing to Do Visit Minnesota Children’s Museum

Fun Thing to Do Visit Minnesota Children’s Museum

Let me tell you about it.

Minnesota is rated as the best place to raise a family year after year. Our Minnesota Children’s Museum is one of the many reasons it is rated so.

What is there?

· Our World I Best Buy Gallery. Kids step into pretend town. It includes a post office, fire station, famers market, hardware store and food stand. They get to play new roles and act out adventures.

· Forces at Play I 3M Gallery. Spray and scrub a wacky vehicle in the car wash. Engineer your own play with ramps, tubes, balls, and cars.

· The Studio I Target Gallery. Great activity for kids to express themselves. Drawing and other art in the marker studio. Also create a journal or booklet with various materials.

· Super Awesome Adventures. Walk through a laser maze. Try the green screen climbing wall. Find your way through the tunnel on stilts.

· Creativity Jam I Target Gallery. Get creative with big blocks. Create large-scale creations.

· Imaginopolis. Star in your own space adventure. Fly a ship, crawl through tunnels, and explore a satellite.

· Sprouts. Designed for toddlers, youngsters climb stairs, venture over a bridge and down a slide. Also, toddlers love the light and water tables.

· Tip Top Terrace. The sites and sounds of the city. Touch, smell and even taste plants in the sensory garden. Play with light with the giant kaleidoscope. Paint with brushes and water.

· Other shows and exhibits will be coming soon as the pandemic subsides.

· They have a wonderful cafe’. Also changing rooms, resting, and nursing areas, lockers and WIFI.


Here is a link to buy tickets HERE 


I have taken my kids to this many times and it has always been a wonderful experience.

Minnesota has so much to offer…try Minnesota Children’s Museum!

Next week we will talk about another aspect of what is great in Minnesota.

Honestly if you cannot find something fun to do in the State of Minnesota all year long…then you are not looking!


We have so many fun things to do in Minnesota…even in a pandemic! If you need some ideas for fun things to do just give me a call or email me.

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