Chianti Grill Restaurant Review in Burnsville Minnesota

Chianti Grill Restaurant Review

Chianti Grill Restaurant Review in Burnsville Minnesota

Chianti Grill Restaurant Review in Burnsville Minnesota

The Chianti Grill Italian Restaurant is located at 14296 Plymouth Ave in Burnsville, Minnesota. Features a spacious interior. That is both contemporary and welcoming. Also, has a generous size bar area. And let’s not forget the wrap around patio for nice summer days.   It has a 4.5 Google rating with 1,095 reviews. And OpenTable gave it a 4.6 rating with 3,587 reviews.

My impressions

This is one of my favorite restaurants that is located near my home. In fact, I must drive some distance to find anything comparable for this type of food. Because the atmosphere is lovely and unique. And the staff is attentive. Lastly, the food is excellent. As a result, I visit it often for lunch or dinner.

Chianti Grill Restaurant Review of The food

Caesar Salad

They make it a little different. First, they add hardboiled egg slices. Then a baked half tomato. Then garlic croutons made in house. Lastly, is their own Caesar dressing.

Maple Walleye

This daily special was special. Namely the walleye was fresh and never frozen from a Minnesota lake. Also, it was served on a bed of Minnesota wild rice. Lastly the maple sauce was perfect. Just kind of wonderful!

Tenderloin Steak Skewer

Really difficult not to have this every time I come. The tenderloin is glazed with a balsamic chipotle glaze. Also includes vegetables. And finally served on porcini mushroom risotto.

Carrot Cake

I found one piece can feed the family. Or a very hungry 16-year-old. In short, you will not find it better anywhere else!

Would I go there again?

Of course. Wasn’t my first time and certainly will not be my last. Therefore, I recommend you try it even if you don’t know if you like Italian food.

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