Benefits of a condo by skyway Minneapolis

Benefits of a condo by skyway

Benefits of a condo by skyway Minneapolis

Benefits of a condo by skyway?


How did skyways start?

It all started in 1962 in Minneapolis. Once again, we in Minnesota originated a new idea. In the late 1950’s a developer by the name of Les Park came up with the idea. In response to Southdale Mall taking business away from downtown. Mall’s began in Minnesota and skyways began to complete with them. Read about the benefits of a condo by skyway.

How big is the skyway system in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis has the biggest connected system in the world. It is 80 blocks or 9.5 mile long. In 2016 the last two skyways connected the system to US Bank Stadium. Where the Minnesota Vikings play football.

Why is it important to have your condo building connected to the skyway system?

It comes down to weather. When it is brutally cold in January or hot in August the skyway is a blessing. It is climate controlled and you can get to anywhere in shorts and a tee shirt.

What can I go to through the skyway system?

Well, just about all that Minneapolis has to offer. Like entertainment with the target center and field. For concerts and Twins baseball games.  And Timberwolves and Lynx basketball games. Us Bank Stadium for concerts and Vikings Football games. Orchestra Hall is home to the highly acclaimed Minnesota Orchestra. And it is of course connected to the skyway system. Many of Minneapolis’ finest Hotels have skyway in the system. You will also find many department stores. Like Target, Saks, Nordstrom’s to name just a few. Lastly, there is about 140 options of skyway connected food establishments. These include some of the finest restaurants in Minnesota and the Midwest.

Does it matter if my condo building is connected?

Yes, it is important for resale. For your lifestyle and for your safely. Also, you might not need the expense of owning a car.

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