11 Things Only People from Minnesota Say!

11 Things Only People from Minnesota Say!

Ahh, Minnesota: Land of 10,000 lakes, home of Prince and the Juicy Lucy, and with winters so cold it makes Siberia look a bit tropical. It’s actually a beautiful state, though, and over the past few years, more and more transplants have been relocating to Minnesota… most probably because of our low unemployment rate and super cute accent.

If you haven’t seen Fargo, then you need to stop reading this article and put that movie on – stat – because that movie came out in 1996. This critically-acclaimed film not only put Minnesota on the map in the film world, it definitely over-exaggerated our now famous accent. Of course, there are some areas where Minnesotans talk like Canadians, but that’s usually in Anoka or in towns that have a population of 408, cows included.

Let’s face it, though: We absolutely do pronounce our vowels either short, long, or flat, which stems from our Germanic, Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish heritage. It’s unique to our speech. Fargo definitely put a dramatic twist to our dialect, but that’s what makes for great entertainment. We guarantee you that we do not sound like that – not in White Bear Lake (Go Bears!), not in St. Paul, and certainly not Minneapolis. So, if you’re thinking of moving to our gorgeous state, you should probably know: There are just some things that only people from Minnesota say! Ready? Set? Let’s go!

11. Bars

Normal people: Hitting up the local watering hole for drinks.

Us: A sweet treat usually accompanied by coffee and enjoyed at a potluck or other gathering.


10. Shorts weather

Normal people: Typically means busting out shorts when it’s sunny and 70 degrees or warmer out.

Us: It’s 33 degrees outside and therefore, it’s shorts weather. Usually following our famously long and brutally cold winters.


9. The Cities

Normal people: When someone is referring to more than one city.

Us: Minneapolis-St. Paul.


8. Oh, fer cute.

Normal people: *crickets*

Us: To describe something utterly adorable, like puppies, babies, or lawn gnomes.


7. Boughten

Normal people: Bought.

Us: A made-up past participle of the verb ‘buy.’


6. Hotdish

Normal people: Casserole.

Us: Combining cream of something soup with canned or frozen vegetables, shredded cheddar cheese, ground beef, and a healthy amount of starch, like noodles or tater tots. Obviously, cream of mushroom soup takes home the cake when making this concoction. Bonus points if you add crispy fried onions on top.


5. Borrow me

Normal people: “Will you lend me $5?”

Us: “Can you borrow me $5?”


4. Dontcha know

Normal people: …

Us: “I’m stuck in traffic again, dontcha know.”


3. Pop

Normal people: A loud, cracking noise.

Us: Soda.


2. Ya, sure ya betcha!

Normal people: Sure.

Us: A form of agreement, frequently used in conjunction with ‘dontcha know.’


1. Ooh, ya, that’s… interesting.

Normal people: That’s interesting/different.

Us: That’s strange/weird.


Now that in you’re in the know on the Minnesota vocabulary, are you ready to make the move? Call Jeff Anderson and The Anderson Team at 612-386-8600 and he can help you navigate your purchase in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

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